Misha Piatigorsky’s kinetic jazz piano

ZINC BAR, NYC —  When the pianist explodes off his bench, punctuating the air with his fist, rocks back and forth, tosses his head, rockets over the keyboard, and grins from ear to ear at his band members, it’s a safe bet you’re in for a visual and musical treat.

And  all that happened during the first song.

IMG_6891Misha Piatigorsky brought super-human energy and his dynamic trio to The Zinc Bar April 18, 2016. His trio was joined by the passionate Brazilian singer Vanessa Falabella, and finally, coming out of the crowd (as happens incredibly often in NYC jazz bars), the nimble guitarist Freddy Bryant.

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Misha explained his energetic approach to jazz and piano-playing in a brief interview with me after the show, explaining he played the way he did because being a musical performer means having the privilege of being able to let the “id” out (watch the interview below; watch a collection of the best of Misha’s show in the second video, including the interview).

The other members of the trio couldn’t match Misha’s high-voltage energy (no one could), but they certainly had the talent with bassist Gregory Jones calmly rocking his solos, and the ageless and legendary Brazilian drummer Portinho making the complex rhythms look effortless.

And, they never took a break! They played a two-hour set without stopping! They were having as much fun as the audience. Most bands deliver half the energy and take a break after an hour or less. Not these guys.


If you haven’t watched the video at the top of this post yet, here is a breakdown of it. I encourage you to watch the whole thing to appreciate Misha’s incredible range of piano-playing skill, but if you’re in a rush, you can skip around:

  • 00:00 — Fun intro full of attitude and body English
  • 00:33 — Super energetic, incredible keyboard work
  • 00:52 — Amazing subtle, soulful piano
  • 01:25 — Freddie Bryant solo
  • 01:42 — Drum solo by Portinho
  • 01:58 — Vanessa Falabella singing
  • 02:18 — Misha’s deeply peaceful piano
  • 02:49 — Super-duper energetic Misha piano
  • 03:19 — The interview with Misha

Here it is again:

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THE BAND: The Misha Piatigorsky Trio. Misha’s website. Misha’s Facebook page. Misha’s YouTube channel.

  • Piano: Misha Piatigorsky
  • Drums: Portinho
  • Bass: Gregory Jones
  • Guest Guitar: Freddy Bryant
  • Guest Vocalist: Vanessa Falabella

Zinc Bar picTHE VENUE: The Zinc Bar, 82 West 3rd Street (btw Thompson & Sullivan) Greenwich Village New York NY 10012. Tel. 212-477-ZINC (9462). Open 7 days: 6pm-2:30am; weeknights 6pm-3am weekends. The Zinc Bar website. Where is it?

THE VIBE: Dark, simple, frill-less bar that has been hosting super jazz talents for years. Don’t come for the ambiance; come for the music.

THE COVER: This evening it was $15.

THE DRINKS: Small but quality collection of beers

THE FOOD: None. Bring your own.


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