Music transcends everything: race, age, geography, politics, and just about anything else that separates people these days.

Music brings people together. Music’s “language” is universal. Music allows you to meet people you might otherwise never encounter and share a common passion.

John Wilpers Headshot 3 (Fall 2015).jpg
John Wilpers

I am very fortunate to travel around the world for my work with Innovation Media Consulting, helping newspapers and magazines transition from the old print business model to the digital and mobile world of multimedia, multi-platform, 24-7 content creation and consumption.

Since 2008, my travels have enabled me to visit cities like Berlin, Mexico City, New York, Taiwan, Oslo, Sao Paulo, Copenhagen, Johannesburg, New Orleans, Chennai (India) and more. I had always explored cities by bicycle but in 2015, I was in cities unsafe for biking. So I had to figure out another way to discover those cities, and the idea of going to jazz clubs seemed like a good idea.

It has worked out far, far better than I imagined. I have enjoyed amazing music and met amazing musicians. So now that’s what I do everywhere. I video snippets of their performance, and interview the musicians after the gig to talk about why they play the way they do, what they’re trying to say, how they came to jazz or the blues, etc. It’s been an incredibly enriching experience and I invite you to share it with me here.

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